New Generation Liquid Nitrogen Doser

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Container Pressurization

Liquid Nitrogen Dosing enhances product packaging quality, provides significant cost saving. Through container pressurization and subsequent rigidity improvements, packaging material can be reduced. Thus, allowing cost reductions in packaging material and ecological carbon footprint.



LN2 dosing is the most effective process for inerting food & beverage containers to achieve desired oxygen exclusion. Delicate products filled into bottles/cans/jars should have very little contact with oxygen for the following reasons:

How does NovoDoser work?

LN2 is supplied to the doser by a vacuum insulated pipe and flows into the dosing head. Sensor will detect the container and send pulses to the controller. Controller will command the dosing head to dispense the required amount of LN2 into the container. LN2 droplets quickly evaporate and expand 700X into gaseous N2 equivalent, filling the container headspace with inert N2 gas at the desired pressure.

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Key Features

Frost-free Nozzle

Self-generating GN2 for dosing head blanketing

Consistent Container Pressure

Deliver accurate dosing ± 1%

Lowest LN2 Consumption

Discrete dosing, for speed up to 2000 containers per minute

Lowest LN2 Losses

Proprietary vacuum insulation with lowest heat leak, faster capital pay back

Minimized Product Splash

Lowest dose pressure in its class, 0,02 bar

Lowest System Downtime

Sensors & Electrical cables are IP 65 rated and 316L material grade of construction for main system

Highest Hygiene Wash Down Design

All external surface construction is in round shape, surface are sloped for self-drainability and easy wash-down

Lowest Maintenance

Ultra long life cycle dosing valve > 60 million

Ease of Installation

Compact size enables ease of installation in limited spaces

Applications Flexibility

Compatible with soft-dose and micro-dose technology for hot fill, powder, and granular applications

Multi-lingual HMI

German, English, Spanish, etc

5 Years Vacuum Warranty

Lowest cost of ownership

An example of the application of nitrogen

Nitro Beer

Nitro beer, the avant-garde of brew innovation, represents a new generation of craft beer, delivering a velvety smooth texture and heightened flavor experience with its nitrogen-infused effervescence.

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